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Our field trip to the SAC Air Museum was cool and stupendous. I was excited when I first saw the airplanes. We had to answer questions on the scavenger hunt. We walked around the museum to get all of the questions right. We saw fabulous airplanes and old jeeps and cars. We learned that the missiles would be one thousand, two thousand and three thousand pounds. We learned that children had to go under the desk to cover their heads. Also they had to close their eyes in case they had a nuclear bomb or missile hit by their school. We also learned that they used most of the airplanes in the museum for World War II and Vietnam. The field trip to the SAC Air Museum was important because we knew what they used in case of war.


The best part of me is my hands.  They are fabulous hands for playing Play Station, and playing games.  I like them because I can hold new games at the store, and I can shake hands with new people I meet.  My hands have helped me to carry my newborn brother for the first time, play Play Station with my big brother for the first time, and to carry my dead pet Hermit Crab to his grave.  My hands are strong hands and playing hands.

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Spelling Sentences

March 11,2003

1.My mom used bleach on the clothes.

2.Our committee is tremendously fun!

3.The people in North Korea are terribly bad.

4.The scenery was horribly frightening.

5.A club chiefly of young students were at the meeting at school.

6.The monkey was concealed in the humongous jungle.

7.The eve of the romantic night was funny!

8.The supreme chocolate of Willy Wonka was delicious!

9.The secrecy of the teenagers was horribly bad.

10.The soldiers of Iraq retreated.

11.The emergency was terribly urgant.

12.Our degree was infinetely high.

13.The meteor was heading straght toward North Korea.

14.The meeting seemed brief to us.

15.The least amount of humans the killer bomb.

16.He pleaded with a terribly humongous amount of mercy.

17.The shield of men surround the U.S.A.

18.My grandma is a senior citizen.

19.They release lots of prisoners.

20.The feature presentation was extraordinarily great!