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WHALE POEM (Typed on AlphaSmarts and beamed to laptop)

whales are as blue as the sea.

they like to dance and like to sing.

I like whales

whales are blue as the sea.

Whales are cool and as cool as a pool.

You can ride on their back but you will fall on your hat.

Some whales are gray,  some whales are blue,

 some whales are just like you.

**Typed on Alpha Smart


Spelling Sentences

March 11, 2003

1. I am twice my size at home.

2. The sunset was beautiful as a flowers.

3. I came off the stage after the concert.

4. I have seven Sisters in my family.

5. I was in rage because he hit me.    

6. She was once a great singer.

7. I got a new message machine.        

8. I hung off the ledge.               

 9. She was the new judge.              

10.Santa is fat and jolly.             

11.I got rare jewels.                 

12.We had gym last week.

13.This is a very very big city.       

14.Thats a big giant.                  

15.The world is a  big circle.        

 16.I paced to my house.                

17.I was very furious at my sisters.   

18.He took a different route.          

19.My cat has sharp claws.             

20.I was delighted to go to the party. 

21.I disguised my self as a pumpkin.