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The best part of me is my chest.  It is strong, it can work out, and it holds in my heart.  I like it because I can make it exercise, it gives my heart and lungs protection, and it is wide.  My chest has helped me to be warm, to run fast in soccer games by giving big lungfuls of air, and by connecting all of my body parts together.  My chest shows that I am a strong and great person.


*Typed on Alpha Smart


March 11, 2003

Spelling Sentences

 1.  I eat twice a day.

2.  It is a beautiful day!

3.  Have you been on stage?

4.  How many sisters do you have?

5.  I just got done being in a  rage.

6.  Once upon of times there was a princess.

7. You have an important message.

8   I hung of the ledge.

9. Are you planning to be a judge.

10 You are jolly like a candy cane.

11. Do you have any jewels?

12. I enjoy gym a lot.

13. The B F G is about a giant.

14. Do you like the city?

15  Do you know what a circle looks like.